Important Questions To Ask Your Plant Hire Company

Plant hire is very important if you need to complete a project that requires significant work and you don’t actually own the equipment yourself. The wonder and convenience of modern machinery allow physical jobs to be performed within days that would have taken weeks a hundred years ago. The excavators of today can dig enormous amounts of material easily while dumpers can transport tons of earth and stone long distances with a minimum of effort.

If you are planning on hiring this equipment it’s likely that you don’t bother owning the machines because you are a small company or don’t need its capabilities that often. You should be careful that you choose exactly what you need if you have little or no experience with plant hire.

Here are some important questions to ask any plant hire company before you decide to lease machinery from one of them:

Is this machine suitable for my task?

If you do not have much experience with plant hire and the actions that the machines perform, you should be confident that the vehicle or equipment that you are hiring is the correct option to complete the task that you have in mind.

In cases such as this, you can ask for advice or do research on which option to take. Another path to go down is by taking advantage of the knowledge that a professional plant hire company should possess. Your plant hire company will be experts in their field and know exactly what machines you need for your particular task. If you give them the exact details of what you need to do they should be able to help. There is the danger that less scrupulous staff might try and ‘upsell’ or exaggerate your need and advise a larger or more expensive piece of equipment but these should be few and far between. Doing lots of research into the customer service of the company should also minimise this risk.

What condition is the equipment in?

Making sure that the equipment that you are about to hire is in good shape is one of the first questions that you should ask yourself before hiring it. Inspecting the machine before you sign on the dotted line is a must as equipment that is poorly maintained can cause delays and costs. You should be searching for a plant hire business that offers a wide range of equipment that’s regularly serviced and bring the up to date technology you need for the optimum outcome.

What if the equipment breaks down when I’m using it?

If the equipment breaks down while you are using it on a building site during a busy project, it is likely the whole site may have to wait until it is fixed. Will the plant hire company send someone out to repair it or will they send a replacement? How long will that take? You should also inquire about whether they will give you a refund of some kind in this eventuality.

How much do you charge per day for plant hire?

Like most things in life, whether or not you choose to procure the services or products of a certain company depends on money. How much is hiring this piece of machinery going to ultimately cost you? Plant hire companies usually charge a fee per day so you should work out how much you expect to spend and budget for it. You should also confirm with the plant hire company when the equipment can be picked up during the day and what is the latest time that it can be returned.

When can I get my machine hire?

When you are operating to deadlines, time is a factor that simply cannot be ignored. If it isn’t available immediately, you should ask when it is available and get a strong guarantee that it will definitely be the time that you are told.

If other parts of your project are waiting on the vital task that the plant is going to perform, a delay in the delivery of your digger, for example, can have huge repercussions along the chain and could act as a bottleneck for the entire project.

Availability is critical when you’re hiring plant equipment. Will the machinery you need to be available when you need it? If not, what are the average waiting times? Your hire company should be able to meet your equipment needs as quickly as possible. Choosing a local company will make the logistics easier, so if you’re working in Nottingham you should choose a plant hire in Nottingham to reduce costs and delays.

Will you deliver the equipment?

It might seem an insignificant question to ask but if you are operating to a tight schedule you need to make sure that the equipment is with you as soon as possible. If the plant company does not deliver the equipment, you will have to collect it yourself which means that you will have to pay for petrol to drive there and bring another person to drive your car back. If you send two employees to go and collect it, that is two employees wasted that could be working on the project or other performing other roles.

Do you have good reviews?

It can be hard at first glance to decide whether or not the plant hire company has a good reputation or not. Finding out whether they offer good equipment or a friendly and helpful service can be the difference between a quick and clean completed project, and a long difficult and problematic slog which is weeks over schedule.

Buckland Newton Hire – Equipment Rental Specialists

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Ever since the company was founded in 1979, due to our commitment to service and quality our clients consider us the finest plant hire business in the sector. We offer a fine and varied selection of products that can suit every eventuality. Regardless of whether it’s a dumper, excavator, roller, or telehandler you need, our staff of sector professionals can help to make sure that you get the perfect earth moving equipment hire for whatever project you’re working on. Every one of our staff is dedicated to finding you the solutions to the challenges that you or your company face. With our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on which product to choose or service to pick.

If you have any questions about our services or products, please do not hesitate to contact via our contact page or for a chat on 01300 345378.

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