Three Situations You May Need to Hire a Domestic Skip

Whether you plan on knocking down a wall, landscaping your garden or simply having a clear-out, the waste you gather is likely to be too much for your household bins to take. Hiring a skip is a convenient and safe way of disposing of your rubbish and with a range of skip sizes available you’ll have everything you need to keep your more clutter-free and safe.

Read on, to learn about three typical situations where domestic skip hire is needed.

Garden Work

Perhaps you want to get your garden in good shape ready for summer, or maybe a garden pond is something you’ve always wanted. Whatever your landscaping ideas are you need to think of an appropriate way to dispose of your waste. What’s more, soil and other materials found in your garden can be heavy and are not usually accepted in your domestic bins, but small branches, grass cuttings and weeds can. However, relying on your household bins could put work on hold if you’re waiting for it to be emptied before continuing work. Hiring a skip will eliminate this problem, providing you with an easy way of disposing garden waste.

Household clear out

If you’re moving house or your household clutter has started to take over your home, then it’s time for a clear out! From broken furniture to bags of old rubbish, clearing out your entire home is a big job that needs a reliable source of disposal. Preparing your home ready to move out may leave you with time restraints and unable to separate all your rubbish properly, however, by hiring a removal service many will provide you with a skip and take care of the disposal for you, separating and recycling as much of it as possible.


Knocking down walls, extending rooms and building partitions are all common renovations that can happen in the home, and if you plan on doing the work yourself, you need to ensure your workspace is safe and hazard-free. Renting a skip is a sure-fire way of controlling your waste as it is much quicker than endless trips to your local dump.

Here at Buckland Newton Hire, we specialise in skip hire, waste disposal, aggregates and plant hire for clients in the local area. If you’re not sure which size skip is best for you, our helpful team can advise you on their recommendations, finding an appropriate skip for your project. Get in touch today for more information.

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