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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dumper Hire

If you work in building or construction, then it’s highly likely that you will have either used, or come across, a wide range of plant machinery; from excavators, to rollers, dumpers and more. Health and safety is of course vital when working with such machinery, and it’s important that all workers are fully aware of […]

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

If you’re looking to add a little luxury into your home or a way of keeping things toasty warm, then underfloor heating could be the answer. Waking up in the morning and walking on a cold floor is not enjoyable, but with underfloor heating your morning routine will be a lot more comfortable, setting you […]

From Dumper Truck Rental to Excavator Hire: Which Earth-Moving Equipment is Right For Your Project?

Any new construction project or home renovation is exciting – from contacting architects to draw up blueprints and order materials, it’s always satisfying to see something built, or to build something yourself, from scratch. However, it is no secret that to ensure a renovation project goes off without a hitch, it needs plenty of stringent […]

Four Benefits of Wind Turbine Energy

In an age when there’s constant news about the looming climate crisis on the TV and in our newspapers, it’s important that we seek out renewable energy sources on an industrial scale. One of the oldest and most practical ways of achieving this sustainability is through the use of wind farms up and down the […]

Three Situations You May Need to Hire a Domestic Skip

Whether you plan on knocking down a wall, landscaping your garden or simply having a clear-out, the waste you gather is likely to be too much for your household bins to take. Hiring a skip is a convenient and safe way of disposing of your rubbish and with a range of skip sizes available you’ll […]

Top Safety Tips For Using Access Equipment

Sometimes you may look at a house paint job or the fitting of curtains in your home and think – “I could do that.” What’s more, it is no secret that as a generation we are becoming more money conscious, scrimping and saving where we can. With Aldi launching a DIY home improvement section in […]

Important Questions To Ask Your Plant Hire Company

Plant hire is very important if you need to complete a project that requires significant work and you don’t actually own the equipment yourself. The wonder and convenience of modern machinery allow physical jobs to be performed within days that would have taken weeks a hundred years ago. The excavators of today can dig enormous […]

An Introduction To Aggregates

The likelihood is, unless you work in the building or construction industry, you may be unfamiliar with aggregates. However, if you peep your head outside the front door, almost everything you see involves aggregates.This includes streets, roads and pavements; the aggregates working as a glue which bind structural foundations together. In most cases, aggregates are […]

How Small Businesses Could Benefit From Plant Hire

Here in the UK, 96% of all businesses are deemed as small or ‘micro’ operations, meaning they have between 0-9 employees. Within this percentage, around 74% of these businesses work in heavy industry or manufacturing. For many of us running a small business, our profession is our passion and everyone is striving to make it […]

Four Benefits of a Kitchen Extension

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home; it is where we cook up tasty meals, socialise with friends and family, where we host dinner parties and sit down to enjoy a meal after a long day. If you are lacking space in your kitchen, you may have found yourself considering […]